Cleanload ™ Chemical Eductor

For Safe Loading of Chemicals into Spray Tanks
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Brand: Hypro
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For Safe Loading of Chemicals into Spray Tanks

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• The Cleanload is a self-contained eduction system which 
allows the operator to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely 
and quickly
• All crop protection chemistry is mixed at ground level, 
ensuring the safety of both the operator and the environment
• 316 stainless steel venturi provides the highest eduction 
rate, as fast as 3,78 Litres per second, and durability against 
all chemicals
• Available in a range of hopper capacities suited to your 
- 17 Litre versions provide convenient loading    
   capabilities in a compact configuration
- 21 Litre versions are our most compact
   full-feature models and will hold a full 15 kg    
   bag of dry material
- 26 Litre versions feature a wider 16-inch lid, hold   
   a full 20 kg bag of dry material, and will rinse large   
20-litre jugs
• Equipped with tank rinse, designed to completely wash the 
Cleanload hopper
• Ideal for nurse tank applications when floor mounted, using 
optional base frame bracket
• Optional suction lance allows the operator to educt bulk 
liquid and dry chemicals (wettable powders, dry flowables 
and water-dispersible granules) from large containers 
without secondary handling
• ProClean™ bottle rinse available allows operator to triple rinse chemical containers on-site 
(05T5, 05T7 models only)
• Eductor inlet and outlet ports are flynut-ready, offering a 
wrench-free connection of hoses for easy installation 
and servicing

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