Hypro ProClean Container Wash Nozzle & Valve Assembly

Product Code: PC1/2F-36075-PV
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Hypro's ProClean™ line of rinsing nozzles includes a nozzle designed for cleaning spray tanks and a nozzle and valve assembly for cleaning empty agrochemical containers.
ProClean Tank Rinse Nozzles:  ProClean tank rinse nozzles have eight fluid driven jets designed to cover of the top and sides of a tank. These nozzles effectively flush chemical residues from tank sidewalls for better crop safety, less plug-causing debris, and allow for faster changeover between chemicals and crops.
ProClean Container Rinse Nozzles:  The ProClean container rinse nozzle is designed for better and faster cleaning of agrochemical containers. This nozzle uses four fluid-driven fan jets to pressure wash all areas of the container with no 'blind spots' and fast cleaning results. More effective cleaning allows faster filling operations, safer container recycling, and increased operational efficiency.
Comparable tests show that a 5L (~ 1.3 gallon) container can be cleaned in just 7.5 seconds using the Proclean nozzle, 50% quicker than the comparison nozzle.
An on/off valve is also available which operates the jet when the container neck is pressed down onto it. The valve is easy to operate, requiring the same force to activate spraying at all pressures.
Hypro ProClean Part Numbers:
PC1/2F-235120          Tank Rinse Nozzle
PC1/2F-36075            Container Rinse Nozzle
PV1/2F1/2M-MA          On/Off Valve
PC1/2F-36075-PV       Container Rinse & Valve Assembly (This Product)

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