SDP liquid silage preservative applicator

SDP liquid silage preservative applicator The S.D.P. range of liquid applicators are high pressure self priming diaphram kits used for grass/maze silage. The S.D.P. system can be used on trailed or self-propelled forage harvester, forage wagons or balers. It can be supplied mounted on a rigid bracket complete with a 250 litre tank. It can alternatively be mounted on a 100 litre tank or as a kit that can be fitted to a variety of containers, including 200 litre barrels and IBCs and built in forage harvester tanks. Open flow outputs are as follows: Low Volume SDP: 0.5 - 5 litres per minute minute Extra High Volume SDP:
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The basic SDP kit

The basic kit includes our own 12-volt in cab controller, Pump, 10 meters of tubing, 10 meters of
electrical cable, tank tube support pipe, filter, single nozzle holder and a selection of jets.

In-cab control

Selmech’s own in cab variable speed controller enables the operator to set the out put of the pump
easily and make manual adjustments for varying crop densities.

Optional accessories

There are also a selection of optional accessories available depending on what type of equipment
the SDP will be used on. Theses include: -

Crop Detector System

Using a photoelectric sensors with visible red LED for easy alignment these can be positioned to
detect the
swath as it is taken up by the pick up to switch the pump on and off. The photoelectric sensors
are high
quality and have an IP Rating of IP69K which means they are dust tight and keep out water
rom high
pressure/steam cleaning.

Graduated Flowmeters

A Flowmeter will give a visual indication of liquid flowing through the system highlighting a
blockage ordrop in pressure in the system. We have Low and High volume options.

Anti-siphoning diaphragm check valve

If the additive tank is higher than the out-put, for example on a forage wagon, siphoning may occur.
To stop this a anti-siphoning check valve are fitted.

Pick-up reel micro switch

The micro switch is wired so when activated the supply is cut to the pump motor, turning off the pump.
The switch should be mounted in an appropriate positions so that when the pick-up is
raised the switch is operated to cut the supply.

The SDP and self-propelled or trailed forage harvester

If fitting to a self propelled harvester we would recommend the Extra High Volume SDP
(0.5 – 14 litres/minute open flow) and for trailed machines the low volume SDP
(0.5 – 5 litres/minute open flow).

The addition of a Flowmeters with a graduated scale from 1-10 gives a good visual indication of
additive flowing through the system.

kit recommended for a self propelled forage harvester.

Extra High Volume SDP kit
XHV Flowmeter

kit recommended for a trailed forage harvester.

Low Volume SDP kit
Low Volume Flowmeter

The SDP and forage wagons

Forage wagon pick-up rates can be quite high and the poor nature of the additive getting mixed with
the grass in the same way as it would in a harvester requires that you achieve a good coverage
over thewidth of the swath. For the big forage wagons we would recommend the Extra High Volume
SDP kit with the addition of two or four jets.

For smaller types of forage wagon the low volume SDP with two or three jets would be suitable.

In almost all cases the tank will be mounted higher than the jets so it will be necessary to fit an
anti-siphoning check valves in the system to prevent siphoning of the additive.

As with forage harvesters a Flowmeter is an optional extra that is well worth considering.

Kit recommended for a big forage wagon.

Extra High Volume SDP kit 
4 x jet pack including anti-siphoning check valves
XHV Flowmeter

Kit recommended for a smaller forage wagon.

Low Volume SDP kit
2 x jet pack including anti-siphoning check valve

A typical set-up for forage wagons is to mount 1 or 2, 200 litre barrels either on the tractor front link
arms or on a platform on the forage wagon above the pick-up

The SDP 250 litre liquid applicator for balers (download a pdf leaflet 600kb)

It has a 250 litre tank mounted on a rigid bracket. The kit comes with an in-cab control box
that allows you to easily set and adjust additive application rate. The pump assembly is mounted
on the bracketunder the tank with easy access to the filter for cleaning. The standard pump fitted
has an out-put range of 0.5 to 5 litres per minute (open flow). A higher capacity pump up to
14 litres per minute can be fitted as an option The outlet from the tank has a 3 port valve one
side of which allow anyresidual additive to be drained from the tank at the end of the day.

Kit recommended for a balers.

The SDP 250 litre liquid applicator Kit comprising of the pump and filter, twin jet pack including
anti siphoning diaphragm check valves, a selection of jets, power cable, and tubing.

The Crop Detector System, Using a photoelectric sensors with visible red LED for easy alignment
is well worth considering as an option as well as a Flowmeter.

Alternatively an SDP Big Bale kit can be supplied with a 100 litre tank or without for you to mount on
your own tank

Schematic layout of a typical single jet SDP set-up

Schematic layout of a typical single jet SDP silage additive applicator set-up

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